Angkor Photo Festival. The diary.

Mario Algaze, “Cotton Candy, Mexico, 1981”, McDermott Gallery

Mario Algaze, “Cotton Candy, Mexico, 1981”, McDermott Gallery

It’s probably the most friendly festival of photography in the world. 
Going to Siem Reap in Cambodia during the week of the Angkor Photo Festival could mean to discover new photographers from Asia and to find new incredible friends from around the world. Now I understand well what Jean Yves Navel, the director of the festival told me about the three words that are the Angkor Photo’s values: discovery, education and sharing.

Through the Angkor Photo Festival and the Angkor Photo Workshops, we want to Discover and, in some cases, rediscover talented photographers from all over the world and to showcase them on an international platform. TheEducation aspect comes with the Angkor Photo Workshops and the Anjali Photo Workshops for the children at Anjali House. The format is free workshops that aims to provide affordable and accessible professional training for emerging Asian photographers. The latter aims to use photography as a tool to foster creativity – an important part of educational development and encouraging self-confidence.
Last but not least, Sharing is a component that stretches across three events, and involves everyone – the team, the photographers, visitors, and our international audience. Our activities are all about sharing amazing projects and work, sharing of ideals and ideas amongst each other, and of course, sharing our passion for photography.
Starting from the headquarters of the festival, the Angkor Photo Café-Gallery…

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