Photography for Grazia Neri

Grazia Neri, also known as “la Signora della Fotografia”, is almost a legend for many professional and amateur photographers in Italy and foreigners abroad. Her name, after fighting for several years to defend copyright, was credited on hundreds of thousands of published images in Italy, and many people thought she was an incredible and unique photographer who was all over the world , covering conflicts or meeting actors on the red carpets, with ubiquitous power. No, Grazia Neri was the name of her photo agency (she had no time to think about a more creative and strategic name, she says), founded in Milan in 1966. Since then the agency grew from 3 to 40 employees, before the closing in 2009 during the recent editorial and advertising crisis.

Grazia Neri knew almost nothing about photography when she’s started her agent’s career. But later…

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© Douglas Kirkland. Courtesy by Grazia Neri.