Chinese Amateurs

Thomas Sauvin is a Beijing-based French artist and editor who is also a photography collector.

Often collectioning is the symptom of an obsession that grows systematically day after days , it needs passion, dedication, perseverance and just a little bit of something crazy, like that little thing called love. If you want it, you have to look for it, even if there is the risk that it will turn into an everending search, that can be unsuccessfull too. Thomas Sauvin found it, but he’s still searching. Sometimes it’s difficult to say when a collection may be considered complete, specially for those collections whose desired objects are unlimited.

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Thomas Sauvin

©Thomas Sauvin


Ciao Gigi

The revolutionary publisher Gigi Giannuzzi passed away, after losing his battle against cancer. He was the founder of Trolley Books that helped great photographers and amazing projects since 2001 in London.
The hard and fantastic work done by Gigi and his team for the art and photography books never will die.

Trollery Books
Wikipedia/Trolley Books
RIP Gigi (Le Journal de la Photographie)
Situation Gigi

Gigi Giannuzzi ©Carla Borel

Gigi Giannuzzi ©Carla Borel

Chris Marker (1921-2012)

E’ morto a 91, il giorno del suo compleanno, il regista e fotografo francese Chris Marker.
La Jetée è del 1962, tra gli attori anche William Klein.

AM projects

AM. After Midnight o ante meridiem. Qualunque sia il significato, AM projects non è proprio un collettivo, è un nuovo spazio, virtuale, creato per dare maggiore visibilità internazionale alle mostre, ai progetti e alle pubblicazioni di 6 artisti, dislocati nel mondo.
AM projects è formato da Aaron McElroy (New York),  Daisuke Yokota (Saitama), Ester Vonplon (Zurigo), Get Yochems (Antwerp), Olivier Pin-Fat (Bangkok) e Tiane Doan Na Champassak (Puyvert) di cui forse ricordate il suo omaggio al re thailandese*?).

Il progetto n.1 è Nocturnes.

© Daisuke Yokota

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