Paradise and Hell in Pakistan

Paradise and Hell in Pakistan


The New Dawn by Piyatat Hemmatat

They seem to look at you. Examining you.
Standing in front of you, their only-one-eye mysteriously looked the visitor of Serindia Gallery in Bangkok.
They are the new circular abstract photographies by artist Piyatat Hemmatat from his latest series The New Dawn that it is the first part on three of a long-term project called 3rd Eye Trilogy, showed at Serindia in July and August this year. Concept of the series is a “commentary on the development of individual experiential perception and our creative psyche’s interdependency with the influences and suggestions of art and culture“.

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Photography for Grazia Neri

Grazia Neri, also known as “la Signora della Fotografia”, is almost a legend for many professional and amateur photographers in Italy and foreigners abroad. Her name, after fighting for several years to defend copyright, was credited on hundreds of thousands of published images in Italy, and many people thought she was an incredible and unique photographer who was all over the world , covering conflicts or meeting actors on the red carpets, with ubiquitous power. No, Grazia Neri was the name of her photo agency (she had no time to think about a more creative and strategic name, she says), founded in Milan in 1966. Since then the agency grew from 3 to 40 employees, before the closing in 2009 during the recent editorial and advertising crisis.

Grazia Neri knew almost nothing about photography when she’s started her agent’s career. But later…

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© Douglas Kirkland. Courtesy by Grazia Neri.

Ren Hang

Ren Hang is not a photographer who wants to shock necessarily you. Penis, bondage and illusory obscene situations are only a small part of his work as a visual artist.Republic – his new book – shows it perfectly to us, probably thanks to the support of his publisher too. Roughness is there, but I think the whole work collected for Republic is full of kindness, humour, love for his model and talent for the composition.

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Chen Man. Rising Star

Yes, she’s right. Chen Man defines herself as “a representative of the modern Chinese visual artists” thanks to her established and wise visual language that add Chen Man’s name among the most influent and hyperactive fashion and art photographers in China.
Luxury, beauty and fashion global brands (Chanel, Adidas, Absolut Vodka, Shiseido, Motorola, L’Oreal and others) and many leading fashion magazines (Chinese editions of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar or go and see the fantastic and glamorous project for i-D magazine in 2012, when Chen Man was commissioned to take 12 different covers for the February issue celebrating the Year of the Dragon) like to work with Chen Man for her avant-garde and provocative art that often represent new icons: the modern Chinese woman. A woman who is…

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Photo © Inga Beckmann